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If it’s the first time you use Lovegra always recommended taking half of the pills as some pole they have dreamt reaction cut the tablet in half.

**this is may not work for some women’s**

Lovegra is a medicine which is highly used by women who suffer from difficulties in sex life. The medication has successfully restored the sex lives of women around the world. The insensitivity that persists in the women’s reproductive organ, the sexual activity hinders. To treat this condition effectively you can take Lovegra, it is not even difficult to find the tablet as you can now buy Lovegra 100 mg online from online drug store if you are unable to find it in your local pharmacy

How to use Lovegra 100mg?

Lovegra is a medicine which has sildenafil citrate, highly useful in improving the blood supply to the vaginal area. This effective drug lasts for as long as five hours. Lovegra is also famed as the pink drug due to pink color of the pill. It is a heavenly pill for women, highly effective in treating frigidity, which can be reduction in sex life, dislike of sexual intercourse. You can buy Lovegra 100 mg, as it aided the lubrication in the female sexual system. If you are looking for a medicine that can be a substitute to Lovegra then Cenforce FM is the one for you.

You must take Lovegra only after prior consultation from doctor. 100 mg of Lovegra is the most suggested dose. It is one of the most flexible drugs, you can take it anytime you feel the sexual urge is overpowering you. Don’t take more than one in a day. Increasing the dosage of medicine should not be done without consulting the doctor.

Precautions Before taking Lovegra 100mg

There are some precautions that you have to keep in mind before you take Lovegra 100mg. Have a look at the precautions given below:

Do not overdose these drugs as they can cause problems in your body. The overdose of Lovegra 100mg can cause problems in the reproductive system and can even result in some grave consequences. In a case of overdose, make sure to consult with the doctor.
Do not increase the dosage of the medicine in order to get quicker and better results. Strength and dosage of the medicine is decided after considering the medical history and severity of the person. You cannot increase the dosage on your own just because you want to get faster results.
Alcohol consumption should be discontinued if you are taking Lovegra 100mg. The effect of Lovegra 100mg can be subdued due to the presence of alcohol. Alcohol is observed to reduce the effect of the effect of a lot of medicines and Lovegra 100mg is just one of them.
These are some of the precautions which should be taken by you if you are going to begin the course of Lovegra 100mg tablets.

Side Effects of Lovegra 100mg

Most of the medicines tend to react adversely with the body. The composition of medicines sometimes acts up differently and has side-effects on the body. The composition of Lovegra also has some side-effects which causes discomfort in the body. If you buy Lovegra 100mg online, there are some side-effects that you need to be aware of the medicine. Here is a list of side-effects that have been commonly reported by women who take Lovegra 100mg:

Aches or pains in the muscles
Difficult or laboured breathing
Light sensitivity
Pain or tenderness around the eyes and cheekbones
Redness of the skin
Slight blurred vision
Slight blueness in vision
Stomach discomfort following meals
Trouble sleeping
Unusually warm skin
This is a list of side-effects that are commonly reported by people consuming this drug. If you buy Lovegra 100mg online and consume it, and find some abnormal effects on your body then consult your doctor.

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